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street art.


A Tallinner, born and bred, I love this city and believe that this is the best places in the world with its own character, history, culture and innovations. During my tours I want to share my passion towards this city with you. 


My name is Julia and I am a professional tourist guide in Tallinn for more than 15 years. Tourism as an industry is part of my life for almost 20 years. I made my degree in Tourism and Hospitality in Tartu University, the oldest university of Estonia. I'm the member of Tallinn Guide Association and had being member of its Board for two terms. Also I was one of the accredited tourist guides to work with delegates of European Parliament while Estonia’s presidency in EU in 2017. 


Two years of studying history and culture of England as well as meeting people from different countries over the years of guiding gave me broad understanding of history of my country. This also allowed me to find number of connections with world cultures that helped my clients to understand and appreciate Estonian culture even more. I love making my tours easy, friendly and cheerful, so my clients would enjoy their holiday in Tallinn.  


I offer walking tours, panoramic city tour by car/minivan, tours outside of Tallinn. I can adopt tours for children and disable people (upon request). Although I do know my city very well, I still feel excitement about opening Tallinn from different perspective. As one of my last interests is the street art, so I designed the first offered in Tallinn Street Art Tour. Hope you will enjoy it!


I’m totally open for your comments, offers and questions and will be happy to offer you the tour that would become the highlight of your trip.



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